ORYX PRIVE Investment LLC Financial and Asset Management Advisory Company

OryxPrive Investment was founded by a passionate team of Bankers, Analysts, and Blockchain professionals from the Middle East, SE Asia, North America, and Europe. Oryx Prive is a global blockchain financial and asset management advisory company primarily focused in the Fintech space.

Currently with offices in the UAE and UK, the Company specialises in three business activities:

The expertise and strength of the OryxPrive Investment group comes from a wealth of experienced of individuals who bring specialised skills and resources to the areas in which the Company operates. The OryxPrive Investment team is composed of both senior and middle managers with experience in multiple financial contexts. They have project management experience with a proven capability for closing deals and throughout finance and banking careers, they have advised on and/or arranged debt structuring and acted as managers for various private equity funds / investors.


OryxPrive Investment's mission is to establish a global financial and asset management company primarily focused into Financial and Investment groups across the globe with a benchmark for professionalism, commitment and integrity.

The company aims to provide unparalleled services and insights to our global clients by providing tailored products and services according to clients' local needs. It also aims to provide a consistently high level of standards and quality in all its products and markets by fostering a culture of teamwork and collective responsibility amongst all our employees in all countries.

OryxPrive Investment has a strong ethos of corporate social responsibility with the aim of bringing businesses and society up to the same standards for the benefit of all parts involved. We promote and actively encourage a climate of self-respect, integrity and trust for our Company employees.


Our vision is simple to lead and support innovative technologies and teams in this industry to help bring about a realized vision of sustainable technology, security driven architecture and untapped potential for disrupting legacy systems.

company strategy

Oryx Prive strongly believes in education. We work hands on with companies to communicate their message and achieve their goals within the Blockchain space. We work with companies in all stages of their development in all aspects of the industry from Seed and Startups to Large Cap companies who wish to begin using Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology to streamline their processes, increase their bottom line, maximize efficiency and improve security.

core values
Oryx Prive is obligated to:
  • Turn "disruptive" technologies into life enhancing realities.
  • Build long-term relationships based on trust.
  • Offer clients uncompromising quality of service.
  • Elevate our clients' profile according to their mission.
  • Demonstrate accountability, integrity and commitment.
  • Give advice that is ethical and fair for all stakeholders involved.
  • Actively listen to our clients' needs and meet those needs.
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork wherever possible.
  • Grow Blockchain business in an accessible manner.
  • Set the standard for professionalism in our industry.
  • Foster strategic partnerships with industry leaders who share our values.
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